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Quality, Fit & Value

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.


Every profile Zac Tofino product is embodied with a style and character that only custom tailoring can offer.

No one understands better than we do that the clothing you wear is an reflection of who you are.

Especially when it comes to your shirt.

Our objective is to help you make a fresh first impression – every time you wear a Zac Tofino shirt.

The tools and techniques we employ to create a contemporary look are rooted in the past.

We begin with our expansive portfolio of fine quality fabrics, patterns and prints.

We use only the finest, rich, supple Egyptian cotton fabrics to craft a quality garment that speaks volumes about your commitment to looking your best.
And that’s just the beginning.

Choose from our extensive selection of Mother Of Pearl and shell buttons we use on our shirts which have a long history dating back before 1950. Back then, most shell buttons were made in Muscatine, Iowa – the “Pearl Button Capital of the World” situated on the Mississippi River where there was easy access to mussel shells.

Moving on, etch your signature into your Zac Tofino shirt with your personal choice from variety of collars, cuffs, pleats, plackets and pockets to compelete your individual look.

Every Zac Tofino shirt is produced on traditional single needle machines carried out by Master Tailors and tradesmen. This ensures a “finish” that even the most demanding customer will appreciate.

The time has come for you to step into the world of Zac Tofino – a world where quality is unsurpassed.


At Zac Tofino, your custom, made-to-measure experience starts with you choosing a contemporary, slim, or regular fit for your shirt.

Once that decision is made, we get personal.

In addition to taking your measurements, we note the natural lines of your body shape so that we can create a shirt that is uniquely tailored for you.

It’s the details that separate an ordinary custom shirt from a Zac Tofino product.

We let others use the standard “cookie-cutter” of S, M, L, or XL to get close to what their customers want.

For you, we want perfection – a fit tailored not only to your body but your lifestyle.

That way, you feel better, and…you have the classic Zac Tofino look.

Our guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied. No compromises.


A Zac Tofino has high expectations when it comes to value.

He wants a product that features high quality. A product that positions him as a contemporary man. At a price he feels is fair.

That’s a tall order.

So how do we do it?

How do we produce fine quality handmade shirts – without a ridiculous price tag?

Simple. We work directly with you.

No one middleman between us to drive the price up. No far off factory so you have to shell out more money to get your products shipped.


Why should you pay because some manufacturer hasn’t organized their business properly? That’s why it’s just you and Zac Tofino.

Having our own production facility allows us to squeeze out all the extra costs that the “cookie-cutter” shirt factories tack on to their pricing.

With Zac Tofino, you get the finest Egyptian cotton fabric. Your choice of a broad range of styles, designs, and fabrics. The perfect accent with Mother of Pearl shell buttons. And a new customer experience you won’t believe.