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Quality, Fit & Value

We Deliver Quality, Fit, And Value

Handmade & Infinitely More Handsome

As a man of the modern world, you know how important first impressions are, both in your social life and your professional one. Well, with Zac Tofino Handmade Men’s Wear, you will make a great impression every day! When you’re wearing the latest trends – beautifully designed and custom-made – people can’t help but notice you. This is your opportunity for the finest handmade men’s wear in Canada!

Can’t Beat This Quality

Our collection only includes the best designs and fabrics. We have over 500 luxurious fabrics made from 100% Italian wool, with over 130 classic business suits and casual coats. We give you superior quality garments you won’t find anywhere else!

Forget Finding A Better Fit

We don’t make mistakes. All our measurements are precise, and every design will make you wonder why you didn’t have all your clothes flawlessly fitted in the past. Our measurement specialists will also consider your frame, posture, and size while crafting your wardrobe to make sure it does you justice in every respect! That’s the benefit of custom-made menswear in Canada.

The Very Best In Value

Imagine how much longer your wardrobe will last when you choose quality fabrics and have them custom-made to fit perfectly. Not only will you never settle for another garment that you just sort-of like, but you’ll have an entire wardrobe that reflects your exact tastes and needs. From there, you can simply add accessories like cufflinks and ties to create more options and a different style for specific occasions!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you still aren’t convinced of the true investment that a custom-made and made-to-measure wardrobe is, why not try us out for a special occasion? If you have a wedding, professional event, or family occasion coming up, give us a chance to win you over with our highly skilled and experienced tailoring services. Whether it’s a suit, or just a pair of trousers, we’ll give you the greatest selection and individualized attention to make sure you make the best choices and get the finest results!