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Zac Tofino, Custom Clothier company in Canada

About Zactofino

Zac Tofino is a Canadian clothier company that offers custom-made products at an affordable price.

It was founded by Master Tailors who have over 15 years of experience creating and designing products for some of the biggest, well-known brands in the industry.

With extensive experience in the tailoring industry, they have learned to source and buying only the finest material required for optimal fit, wear, and appearance.

Zac Tofino was created to provide custom-made shirts for customers who struggle to find shirts that fit at a price they are willing to pay.

Our products reflect a combination of quality, variety, and value – clothing customers are proud to be seen in.

Zac Tofino is fine, custom tailoring minus the inflated pricing. There are no cut corners. No inferior quality. No compromise on workmanship.

We offer quality products for people who want proper fit at a reasonable price.
To learn more about the exceptional value Zac Tofino offers, please write to us.

Zac Tofino