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 Completely Customized Men’s Tailoring Service

For A Flawless Fit

Zac Tofino Handmade Men’s Wear is the incomparable specialist for custom-made menswear in Canada. Just think about it. We now live in an era where everything is highly personalized to the individual’s tastes and needs. But bespoke tailoring was where this obsession with the perfect fit all started!

Why would you even care whether your phone cover, wallet, and screensaver all reflect your personal style when the very way you present yourself to the world can be completely customized to capture who you are? We do everything – suits, blazers, trousers, vests, and shirts – as well as the little touches that make all the difference, such as bow ties, cuffs, and ties. We carry an extensive range of designs and fabrics, so you never have to worry about whether you’ll find something you’ll love – and at an affordable rate too!

We believe that every man deserves to feel the difference of a bespoke, made-to-measure wardrobe that lets you put your best foot forward in your social and professional life. That’s why we offer our unbeatable services at a price you can actually afford

Experience the style and luxury of over 500 plus fabrics Ross & Scott British Wool apparel a timeless material – an iconic style and  Italian Reda and Dino Filarte pure  Italian wool, super110’s and super130’s-180’s wool/silk blend  business suiting and super130’s-super180’s blend classical business suiting and clean cut casual fabric with super110’s Wool, Linen, Cotton, Lycra Blend Super110’s Wool/Mohair blend spring/summer suiting and over 200 plus flannel casual Coat of super110’s wool/cashmere blend. This is your chance to see how good you can really look when you have the option of choice and custom fittings. Let us dress you today!


Zak Tofino is a Canadian clothier company that offers custom-made products at an affordable price. It was founded by Master Tailors who have over 15 years experience creating and designing products for some of the biggest, well-known brands in the industry. With extensive experience in the tailoring industry, they have learned to source and buying only the finest material required for optimal fit, wear and appearance.

Zac Tofino was created to provide custom-made suit and shirt  for customers who struggle to find suit and shirts that fit at a price they are willing to pay. Our products reflect a combination of quality, variety and value – clothing customers are proud to be seen in. There are no cut corners. No inferior quality. No compromise on workmanship.

We offer quality products for people who want proper fit at a reasonable price.

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